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UK asked to exempt 200,000 seafarers, maritime workers from quarantine restrictions

The UK Chamber of Shipping — the voice of the country’s shipping industry — has urged the UK government to exempt seafarers and maritime workers from any quarantine restrictions planned to be imposed.

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The trade association has also called on the government to provide the industry with urgent clarification on the rules around the fourteen-day quarantine.

“The UK shipping industry employs nearly 200,000 people and it is imperative the UK government avoids applying quarantine restrictions to seafarers and other maritime workers,” Bob Sanguinetti, UK Chamber of Shipping Chief Executive, pointed out. 

“If we want to ensure supply chains remain open, and essential goods including food, fuel, raw materials and vital medical supplies continue to flow into the country, it is vital that seafarers and maritime workers can move between countries without imposition.”

“We urgently call on the government to provide the industry with clarity on this issue,” he added.

The UK government recently presented its COVID-19 recovery strategy, announcing the introduction of a two-week quarantine on people coming into this country. The measure will apply to sea, road and air passengers.