UK: DNV Class Approved JetMaster 2 Control System Introduced

DNV Class Approved JetMaster 2 Control System Introduced

Ultra Dynamics (UltraJet) in partnership with South Boats and Rotec Hydraulics introduced the New UltraJet JetMaster 2 DNV Class approved electronic control system for South Boats Wind Farm Support vessels (WFSV).

The New UltraJet JetMaster 2 electronic control system can be seen down on the Pontoon on 19m South Catamaran WFSV’s named ‘Seacat Endeavour’ and ‘Offshore West Hinder’ and are two of the 7 WFSV to be fitted with this new system this year.

Offshore wind power generation is a key component of the UK’s commitment to deliver 20% of gross final energy consumption from renewable sources by 2020. Efforts to meet this target are prompting the design of ever larger Wind Farm Service Vessels that will meet the arduous 24/7 servicing requirements of these turbines.

Offering new, innovative and cost effective solutions is key to staying ahead of the competition. To do this Ultra Dynamics (UltraJet) and South Boats, together with Rotec Hydraulics have designed and manufactured to a specification agreed between the three parties the New UltraJet JetMaster 2 – a CANbus 2 in 1 electronic control system to meet WFSV customers’ specific vessel control requirements

JetMaster 2 can be configured to meet any service provider’s exact control requirements! Controlling twin UltraJet waterjets, engines and gearboxes electronically and synchronously – at a flick of a switch the operator can move between the primary and secondary system– the system then not in use becomes the complete redundancy backup system (a requirement for DNV Class approval).

The specification requirements called for JetMaster 2 to be robust, reliable and adaptable, as well as being highly responsive with excellent manoeuvrability, even in the harshest sea state conditions! This challenge was met by Rotec Hydraulics expertise and Parker Hannifin’s Iqan modular electronic control equipment and software.Iqan was originally designed for the harsh off-highway mobile equipment market and is a fully programmable modular network system using CANbus communication to interconnect the various control elements of the system to the central controller. This reduces interconnecting cabling and therefore installation costs. It has also proven to be extremely robust having to operate in harsh off-highway environments worldwide.

JetMaster 2 ship control and management system features integration of diesel engine, transmission, waterjet and interceptor functions into a single intuitive vessel control system.


Shipbuilding Tribune Staff, May 31, 2012; Image: ultrajet