Wavepiston completes full-scale energy collector installation off Gran Canaria coast

Danish company Wavepiston has finished another round of installation of a full-scale energy collector on the Wavepiston string off the coast of Gran Canaria, Spain.

Source: Wavepiston

“We are eagerly looking forward to gathering more data from this installation and sharing our findings with you soon,” Wavepiston said in a social media post. 

As previously reported, Wavepiston installed its first full-scale energy collector on the Wavepiston string at the Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands (PLOCAN) in Gran Canaria back in February 2024.

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According to the Danish company, the installation is crucial because it demonstrates the potential of Wavepiston technology to stakeholders.

Wavepiston’s wave energy system features energy collectors positioned in the ocean, which generate pressurized seawater. 

This pressurized seawater is then transported to the shore, where it powers generation units and reverse osmosis units for desalination. These energy collectors are designed by Wavepiston and manufactured by Thune Eureka.

Recently, Wavepiston commenced the SHY project (Seawater Hydraulic PTO using dynamic passive controller for wave energy converters), with consortium members all over Europe that joined together at Kronborg Slot in Elsinore, Denmark.

The SHY project aims to unlock the potential of wave energy by developing key components of a seawater hydraulic power-take-off (PTO) system and an advanced control strategy. This approach seeks to reduce the levelized cost of energy (LCOE) and minimize environmental impact.

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