UK: Trump Calls First Minister ‘Mad Max’ Over Wind Farm

As part of his struggle against the proposed wind farm off his £1bn luxury golf resort in Aberdeenshire, the US businessman Donald Trump wrote a letter to Mr. Salmond, saying he would be known as “the man who destroyed Scotland.”

“Do you want to be known for centuries to come as ‘Mad Alex – the man who destroyed Scotland?”

If you pursue this craziness Scotland will go broke and forever lose what chance you currently have of making Scotland independent.”

Wind energy is highly inefficient. Be smart and try to get yourself out of this mess,” the letter reads.

A Scottish government spokesman has stated: “An application for consent for the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre has been submitted to Marine Scotland, and we are currently considering the views of consultees, interested parties, and the public.”

The Scottish government has welcomed the “widest possible debate” while the Lib Dems accused Mr. Trump of “bullying” tactics.

The European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre is a £150m joint venture between utility company Vattenfall, engineering firm Technip and Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group.


Offshore WIND staff, March 13, 2012