Vancouver Fraser Port Authority joins SEALNG coalition

Image courtesy of Port of Vancouver

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority has joined SEALNG the multi-sector coalition promoting the uptake of LNG as a marine fuel.

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is the federal agency of the Port of Vancouver, Canada’s largest port, and the fourth port member to join the coalition, alongside Port of Rotterdam, Yokohama-Kawasaki International Port Corporation, and most recently the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore.

“Together, the ports remain committed to supporting the coalition’s vision of a competitive global LNG value chain for cleaner maritime shipping,” SEALNG said.

Peter Keller, SEALNG chairman, stated, “We are pleased to welcome the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority to our growing coalition and look forward to leveraging their expertise to realize our vision of developing LNG infrastructure in ports around the globe to enable quick, safe, and cost-effective bunkering.”

SEALNG added that the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority was working closely with the regional gas supplier Fortis BC and with industry, academia, and government to advance LNG bunkering in the Port of Vancouver.

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