Video: Maersk Oil launches ‘Quest for Oil’ game tutorial

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Maersk has launched a tutorial for its computer game called ‘Quest for Oil’.  As the company has said, Maersk is taking the lead in an innovative way by using a video game to open up the oil business to everyone.

Video Maersk Oil launches 'Quest for Oil' game tutorial

Quest for Oil is the first game of its kind and with the convergence of forces, innovation and technology Maersk gives the chance to experience the challenging world of being on a drilling rig with its 53,000 tonnes of steel rammed into the bottom of the ocean. With the free, world-wide distribution of the real-time strategy game ‘Quest for Oil,’ Maersk unfolds the unknown universe of oil exploration and invites you to embark on a conquest of the depths of the seabed.

Watch the tutorial here:

Quest for oil can be downloaded for free at

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 April 01, 2014


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