Warm story from Brazil. FPSO crew saves a life

Warm story from Brazil. FPSO crew saves a lifeIn a barrage of negative news from the offshore oil and gas industry in the past two years or so, with layoffs, layups, rig stacking and such, a warm and positive story comes from Brazil.

Namely, the story, which won’t cause any changes on the stock exchanges, involves an FPSO off the south eastern coast of Brazil, and a turtle. Yes. A turtle.

Namely, Teekay Offshore, a company providing floating production vessels for the oil and gas industry, has shared a story of its crew on a Brazilian FPSO rescuing a turtle.

According to Teekay, shortly after lunchtime on Sunday, June 5, 2016, aboard the  Cidade de Rio das Ostras FPSO, one crew member made a heart-breaking discovery.

A sea turtle had been spotted trapped in a fishing net, drifting on the surface of the waves.

A report was made immediately after the sighting and after a brief meeting, a decision was made to launch Fast Rescue Craft (FRC) to attempt to save the unfortunate sea turtle. Supervised by Chief Officer M. Slotwinski, the FRC made its way to the rogue fishing net.

Thanks to the crew members’ quick actions, Teekay says, they were able to reach the turtle in time, liberate it from the net and release it back into the ocean. The fishing net in which the turtle was trapped was then taken onboard the vessel and dumped in an appropriate waste container.

In conclusion, Teekay Offshore said: “Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. But it is not that difficult to image what could have happened otherwise. This serves as a good reminder to never throw any sort of garbage overboard.”

Offshore Energy Today Staff


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