Westcon ready for ‘Transocean Leader’

Norway’s Westcon Yards has been given the Special Periodic Survey (SPS) contract for the  Transocean Leader drilling rig. According to Westcon, although the initial plan was for the rig to arrive in March, the rig will be in the Olensfjord tomorrow, February 14, 2014.
“…Westcon Yards in Olen was notified only a week ago that we were given the job. The work was scheduled to begin in March, but we are now informed that the rig will arrive on Saturday”, project manager Svein Stene says.

He adds: “We will perform a SPS and inspection. How many workers we will need is difficult to estimate at the moment, but the work will involve welders, plumbers, metal workers and divers that will help out with thrusters and bottom valves. We will also use Westcon Lofteteknikk (WCL) in certification work. The oil companies have different suppliers and when a rig changes contractor much of the equipment is often replaced. So we will most likely install third-party equipment.”

The Westcon Group company Westcon Power & Automation (WPA) has already been involved in preparing the rig for the yard stay.

“The work to be done on the Transocean Leader is estimated to take 35 days, but the rig will stay until May when it is ready for a new mission”, Stene says.

In May, the rig will move to the British sector of the North Sea.

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