Photo: Powered by WinGD's X-DF technology, GasLog's LNG carrier, Houston (Image courtesy of WinGD)

WinGD hits X-DF milestone with GasLog order

WinGD hits X-DF milestone with GasLog order
Powered by WinGD’s X-DF technology, GasLog’s LNG carrier, Houston (Image courtesy of WinGD)

Winterthur Gas & Diesel (WinGD) said it has hit a milestone with the 100th order for its X-DF engine placed by the Monaco-based shipper GasLog.  

GasLog has eight LNG carriers, each with 2x 5X72DF main engines in its fleet with three newbuilds recently entering commercial operations.

For their latest order of additional tonnage at Samsung Heavy Industries in Korea, the same machinery has been selected, WinGD said in its statement.

Speaking of the milestone, Rolf Stiefel, vice president of sales and marketing at WinGD, “if ever there was confirmation that the shipping industry is embracing LNG as the first choice for IMO compliant engines, the 100th ordered WinGD X-DF, the dual-fuel engine is proof.”

The milestone was achieved only five years since the launch of the X-DF engine, Stiefel said, adding that besides its position in LNG carrier market, the engine is making inroads in the tankers and containers segments as these aim to meet the 2020 regulations.

This statement is supported by CMA CGM’s decision to order nine LNG-fueled containerships at the CSSC shipyard in China for delivery in early 2020, all featuring X.DF engines.