World’s Largest Containership Christened

World’s Largest Containership Christened

The CMA CGM Group christened the world’s largest containership, the CMA CGM MARCO POLO (16 000 TEU), today, Dec. 18th, at the Container Terminal of Zeebrugge. Built by DSME (Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering) in South Korea, the giant of the seas displays exceptional dimensions: 396 meters long, 54 meters wide, with a draft of 16 meters.

The CMA CGM MARCO POLO is the first of a series of three 16 000 TEU vessels, that will all be named after great explorers. The delivery of the two next vessels is expected in 2013.

In line with the sustainable development policy of the Group, CMA CGM MARCO POLO is equipped with all the latest environmental technologies:

  • An electronically controlled engine allowing significantly reduced consumption of fuel (-3% on average) and of lube oil (-25%)
  • A twisted leading-edge rudder improving the hydrodynamics of the vessel (optimisation of the water flow), and significantly reducing energy expenditures as well as CO2 emissions.
  • A Pre-Swirl Stator® allowing the straightening of the water flow upstream from the propeller in order to improve its productivity. Combined with the twisted leading-edge rudder, this innovation optimizes the hydrodynamics of the vessel and makes it possible to reduce by 2 to 4% the consumption of energy and atmospheric emissions.
  • An “Exhaust Gas Bypass” system, which improves the energetic efficiency of the vessel, reducing the fuel consumption by 1.5% at low speeds.
  • An optimized hull design allowing to significantly improve the propulsion of the vessel into the water.
  • A ballast water treatment system under UV lamps, in order to preserve the biodiversity of the oceans by not discharging chemicals into the seawater.

Moreover, the CMA CGM MARCO POLO is also equipped with five passenger cabins, exclusively reserved for cargo cruises.


Press Release, December 18, 2012