Yemen: French Petroleum Institute Conducts First Course at Balhaf LNG Academy


The prestigious French Petroleum Institute (IFP) launched its first training course for Yemen LNG staff at Yemen LNG Academy at Balhaf last week. The training course on “Managing Revamp, Small and Medium Size Projects” ran from 12 to 16 March, for 8 YLNG staff from various departments.

The course objective aimed at providing a broader understanding of the specific features of small and medium size projects implemented in operating facilities.

The course was well organized and the experience of IFP was well presented in the course material. The course presentations were well supported by the personal experience of the instructor and it enriched the discussions of the various topics covered,commented Jamal Al-Akwaa, CRSD Manager, who participated in the course.

In recognition of their participation, all participants were awarded certificates of completion by Mr. Denis Turner, the course instructor. IFP will be conducting ten highly specialized professional/technical courses for YLNG staff during 2011. IFP partners with Yemen LNG in the Balhaf LNG Academy, providing general assistance for the academic content and specific courses.


Source: Yemen LNG, March 20, 2011;