2G Robotics Commences Underwater Laser Scanning of Costa Concordia (Italy)

2G Robotics Commences Underwater Laser Scanning of Costa Concordia22

Hubert Palej, project manager for 2G Robotics is currently preparing on the Tuscan island of Giglio to begin Underwater Laser Scanning operations of the submerged hull of the Costa Concordia. Now that the ship has been righted, laser scanning can begin. This process provides the best data in darker conditions and may take several days to complete.

The ULS-500 Profiler will be used to capture details of the damaged hull, resulting in a detailed point cloud which can be converted into a 3D Model. This technology is hundreds of times the resolution of sonar and is capable of providing precise underwater measurements of an object as deep as 4.6km deep.

A point cloud is generated by measuring x,y,z points on the ship relative to the location of the scanner. The x,y,z measurements provide the “point” location relative to depth, vertical and horizontal axes. Millions of points are then combined together, creating a “Point Cloud”. With the help of 2G Robotics software, a high resolution Point Cloud and accurate 3d Model of the ships hull can be created and used to understand the current structural integrity of the ship as it is prepared to be moved from it’s current location.


2G Robotics, September 19, 2013