AAOG confirms multiple discoveries at Tilapia field

Anglo African Oil & Gas (AAOG), an independent oil and gas developer, has said that the wireline logging has confirmed multiple discoveries at its Tilapia license located offshore the Republic of the Congo.

Schlumberger wireline logging completed on the TLP-103C well has confirmed multiple discoveries at the Tilapia license, AAOG said on Monday.

Wireline logging validates the initial results identified during drilling the targeted R1/R2/R3 and the Mengo reservoirs and confirms oil columns amounting to an aggregate of 44 meters across the identified horizons.

According to AAOG, a 6 meter oil column in the Mengo identified in sandstones interbedded with claystones between 1874,8mMD and 1900,8mMD and an aggregate 13 meters of oil columns across the new horizons identified between the R3 and the Mengo horizons in three layers of sandstones between 1473mMD and 1685,5mMD

Furthermore, a 5 meter oil column identified in the R2 reservoir between 1282,7mMD and 1287,7mMD in line with the TLP-101V well located in fine sandstones.

Modular formation dynamics tests showed that the R2 reservoir is not depleted, confirming an onshore hydrocarbon system underlying the Tilapia license area.

All three discoveries are of Early Cretaceous (Barremian) age.

Schlumberger wireline logging was completed in the entire 12 ¼” section of the well and further confirmed by a petro-physical interpretation (CPI).

The company said it will now resume drilling operations at TLP-103C, targeting the deeper Djeno horizon which is known to be a prolific producer on neighboring fields.

David Sefton, Executive Chairman of AAOG, said, “The confirmation of a combined 44 meters of oil columns across multiple horizons, including the discovery of additional reservoirs is a fantastic result for the company and exceeds our expectations. Subject to the results of flow testing, the well has the potential to provide AAOG with a major step-up in production and cashflow and marks an excellent start to the Tilapia field development program. Furthermore, with the geological model proven we look forward to the resumption of drilling at TLP-103C targeting the deeper Djeno horizon, which based on the production rates achieved from this reservoir on neighboring fields, has the potential to be truly transformational for AAOG.

“With operations on-going and the resumption in production at well TLP-101, which is estimated to have the ability with water injection to produce up to 400 bopd, these are exciting times for the company and the board believes AAOG is on track to become the highly cash generative oil and gas company we set out to build. Finally, based on the success of this well thus far, we will, in the near future, commission work to update the company’s estimates of reserves.”

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