Agility Wins Valemon Topsides Hook Up and Commissioning Job (Norway)

Agility Wins Valemon Topsides Gig

South Korea’s Samsung Heavy Industries has awarded a contract to Norway’s Agility Group for provision of various services related to hook up and commissioning of Statoil’s Valemon plaform in the North Sea.

“The contract is very pleasing and strategically important for us. We have long focused on building hook-up and commissioning of topsides as one of our core competencies. There are many such projects going forward, and we see this as an important area of ​​our continued growth,” says Otto Søberg in Agility Group.

The value of the contract is estimated to be approximately $20 million. Under the agreement Agility Group will provide administration, management, engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning activities. The project office will be set up at Agility Group’s head office in Sandefjord.

The topside will be transported from the Samsung yard in South Korea in March 2014. Agility Group’s offshore work will begin upon arrival of the topsides at Valemon field in May next year.

Planned production start-up for Valemon is in October 2014.

The Valemon field is located west of Bergen, approximately 12 km west of the Kvitebjørn installation. The Valemon development is currently one of the largest industrial projects in Norway. The recoverable reserves are estimated at 206 million barrels of oil equivalents – including 26 billion cubic metres of gas, five million cubic metres of condensate and one million cubic metres of natural gas liquids (NGL).

Offshore Energy Today Staff, April 19, 2013