Aibel: Gudrun Platform Comes to Light (Norway)

Aibel Gudrun Platform Comes to Light

This week the enormous Gudrun platform was moved out of the North Sea Hall at Risøy. This marks a new and important milestone for Aibel’s prestigious new structure.

The platform is mechanically complete, and only testing and finishing work remains before sailing into the North Sea on 11 July.

1,700 wheels
It was no simple task to move the platform the 80 metres from the interior of the North Sea Hall to the quay outside. A total of 1,700 on 428 axles were placed beneath the deck. The moving operation took around two and a half hours.

“Now the platform will remain on the quay until mid-June, when it will be transferred to a barge. On 11 July it will be towed into the North Sea,” says construction manager Askild Mokleiv. 

The final touch
The time before sailing is reserved for testing, finishing work and transfer of systems.

“Some work remains in pipe insulation and surface treatment. In the time before June we will also install lifeboats and deck cranes, work there wasn’t space enough to do when the platform was inside the hall,” Mokleiv explains.


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Press Release, April 22, 2013
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