Alewijnse Forms New Subsidiary in Turkey

Alewijnse Marine Systems announced the formation of a new subsidiary – Alewijnse Turkey, located in the southern coastal port of Antalya.

The new company is the result of Alewijnse acquiring Turkish electrical engineering company Aquaelecs, managed by Serdan Küçükkuru. Aquaelecs and Alewijnse had previously worked together for more than ten years on a range of luxury yacht projects at yards such as Tamsen Yachts and Cyrus. These included installation work, panel building and material and systems sales and service. During that time Aquaelecs also worked on around twenty new-build boats, seven of those in co-operation with Alewijnse. An eighth is almost complete and will be launched later this year.

Alewijnse Turkey and its workforce will continue under the leadership of Serdan Küçükkuru with a mission to extend its activities to yards across Turkey and the surrounding region. The company will offer electrical and system integration services covering everything from switchboards, automation and entertainment systems to full turnkey electrical packages.

“This development allows us to combine the experience and knowledge built up by Alewijnse over many years with the skilled workforce and strategic location of Aquaelecs,” said Pieter Smit of Alewijnse Marine Systems. “Turkey has a vibrant yacht-building industry that is rapidly developing an international reputation for sophistication and quality, aided by companies like Alewijnse. The formation of Alewijnse Turkey demonstrates our long-term commitment to the region.”

As well as being one of the largest and fastest-growing economies in the Eastern Mediterranean Turkey offers convenient access to the superyacht yards of the Red Sea and Persian Gulf. Alewijnse Turkey has already taken the first step in extending its area of operations in this direction by agreeing to supply systems to a yard in Egypt. With the full support of Alewijnse Marine Systems and its personnel, Serdan Küçükkuru and his team plan to make that just the first in a future network of regional relationships.


Alewijnse, December 18, 2012