Photo: Courtesy of Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval builds up LNG equipment portfolio

Swedish company Alfa Laval has enhanced design and connectivity with its Gas Combustion Unit (GCU) 2.0 used to boil-off combustion on LNG carriers.

Alfa Laval builds up LNG equipment portfolio
Courtesy of Alfa Laval

There is more LNG in transit than ever before since the demand is constantly increasing. So, regulating cargo tank pressure is vital when moving it by sea. This means LNG boil-off gas (BOG) must combust safely when engines or boilers can’t use it.

The company says its GCU has a great reputation in BOG management. Also, the new GCU 2.0 builds directly on that proven track record. GCU 2.0. features extended capacity and lifetime.

Improvements also include an even more optimized flow of combustion and dilution air.

This came after extensive combustion testing, performed using the full-size GCU at the Test & Training Centre. As a result, Alfa Laval reports even steadier combustion at a reasonable temperature. This extends the burner lifetime and reduces distortion of the burner plate.

The most evident change, however, is in the service offering around it. All GCU 2.0 deliveries will be connectivity-ready, making it easy to take advantage of the Digital Services for Gas Combustion Units.

In conclusion, the company says that covering LNG as both cargo and fuel, it supports a marine industry in rapid transition.

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“The GCU 2.0 is specifically designed for LNG carriers, but Alfa Laval has solutions that enable LNG’s use on the widest possible range of vessels,” said Jeppe Jacobsen, global sales manager. “LNG has a key role to play in our move towards a more sustainable future.”