Altenesol cleared to start Nataly I LNG plant site preparation

IAHL Corporation said that its unit, Altenesol Colombia has acquired the necessary permits to begin site preparation for the Nataly I LNG plant and construction in Colombia.

In consequence, deforestation and water exploration which encompasses the site drilling of the water well for cooling purposes will allow the beginning of the construction Phase I and II of Nataly I for train one as per the AMCS EPC signed contract, IAHL said in a statement.

The Altenesol and AMCS teams along with the Canacol met at the plant site during the month of September to discuss logistics and the 6 inch flow pipeline from Jobo statio, according to the statement.

The proximity to Canacol’s Jobo station will result in a minimal length pipeline directly to the LNG plant transporting the required gas for total production and energy needs.

Final off-take negotiations for the second 180,000 gallons per day of LNG are in the process with several potential off-takers to bring on-line a total of 2 trains with full output of 360,ooo gallons per day, IAHL said.

The foundation in place during phase I & II will result in a faster ramp up for phase III which will expedite future expansion of the facility.


Image: Altenesol