AMSA Releases Plan for Managing of Northeast Coast Shipping

AMSA Releases Plan for Managing of Northeast Coast Shipping

The Australian Government has released its plan for managing shipping traffic ahead of projected increases in the Great Barrier Reef, Torres Strait and Coral Sea and is beginning public consultation ahead of its implementation.

The North East Shipping Management Plan (NESMP) recognises the region is among the best-protected waters in the world and aims to build on existing world-class shipping management activities to further prevent environmental impact of shipping.

The NESMP focusses on three key areas: safe ships, safe navigation and protecting the environment.

Activities in these areas will reduce risk of incidents to seafarers and the environment.

Developed in cooperation with Maritime Safety Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and other government departments, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority will collate public comments on the plan due to be  finalised in October 2013.

The Great Barrier Reef is a multi-use area and AMSA looks forwards to the comments from the people industries that rely on the area for commercial and recreational use.

Major industry and environmental stakeholders have been consulted during the development phase of the plan and their views have been incorporated into the draft.

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AMSA Gov, August 2, 2013