Annual LNG Technology Global Summit to Be Held in Qatar

Annual LNG Technology Global Summit to Be Held in Qatar

The 2nd Annual LNG Technology Global summit, to be held in Doha this year will present a global view on the LNG Market, the critical equation of the forces governing demand and supply and a view of the short falls and challenges in adopting technologies for exploration, liquefaction, shipping and storage.

What has the LNG industry brought for operators, investors and traders in 2012, and what are the forecasts for 2013? How are shifting trends in import and export, dis-balances in demand supply, new and upcoming liquefaction and regasification plants and the rise of unconventional gas sources reshaping the face of the LNG sector worldwide? According to ASD reports, the value of the global investment in infrastructure and technology for liquefied natural gas in 2012 will reach $35.8bn.

Bringing to the fore various challenges and opportunities in the global LNG arena, Fleming Gulf Conferences will organise it’s 2nd edition of the previously successful LNG Technology Global Summit, on 25-26 September this year in Doha, Qatar. The summit will gather professionals associated with LNG operations to help achieve technological excellence across the LNG value chain. Last year’s edition was well received by over 100 delegates from UAE, USA, UK, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Mozambique, Singapore, Canada, Greece, Norway, Thailand, and Oman. This year the conference will take the discussions on important issues and challenges to the next level by providing solid facts and information to help frame better policies, and select and implement better technology to sustain production and supply.

Radia Sedaoui, Gas Modeling Department, at the Gas Exporting Countries Forum will present the inaugural keynote address on ‘the critical equation of the forces governing demand and supply’. The agenda has a specific and deep focus on FLNG and other floating production and storage platforms, which have seen heavy investments by all major players in recent years. Additionally, the summit will also lay a strong emphasis on LNG markets, LNG plants, liquefaction and regasification technologies, LNG transportation, marketing, and storage to name a few.

Bringing in speakers from around the globe, including the likes of Brian Buckley, C.E.O of OMAN LNG LCC, Ignacio Aguirre, Strategy Manager at Stream-Repsol-Gas Natural LNG, Eduardo Carbón Posse Upstream and LNG Technologist at Repsol YPF, and Venkateshwar Prasad Sinha from Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, the conference will highlight unique country specific conditions that are impacting the industry.

Attendees will have a chance to learn about new and emerging LNG frontiers, debate about methodologies and technologies to run plants, terminals, transportation and consequently the whole LNG value chain, more efficiently and effectively to satisfy global energy needs. As new questions arise, the 2nd Annual LNG Technology Global Summit will seek to add valuable knowledge about the industry which currently is witnessing, what many are referring to, as its Golden Age.


LNG World News Staff, May 30, 2012; Image: Qatargas