Apache Kills Gas Leaking Well (USA)

Apache Kills Gas Leaking Well

On Feb. 28, Apache reported that well control operations at Main Pass 295 have been successfully completed.

The bottom of the well has been plugged and cemented and the migration of natural gas to another sand formation (which was occurring approximately 1,100 feet beneath the seafloor) has been stopped. No injuries or negative impact to the environment were associated with this incident. Apache currently is evaluating next steps for the well.


On Feb. 5, during drilling operations at Main Pass 295 in the Gulf of Mexico utilizing the Ensco 87 rig, Apache took a kick from an abnormally pressured gas zone. The well was shut in, and the blowout preventers are functioning properly. Apache was working with well control experts from Boots and Coots to kill the well. Diagnostic procedures indicated an underground migration from the bottom of the well (8,261 feet) to another sand formation at approximately 1,100 feet.

Press Release, March 1, 2013