Ashtead supports BP’s Quad 204

Ashtead Technology, a provider of subsea technology and equipment, has completed a subsea integrity management project to support BP’s Quad 204 redevelopment of the Schiehallion and Loyal fields, West of Shetland.

Ashtead deployed its new Deflection Monitoring System (DMS) to capture data required to deploy and install two subsea manifolds at water depths of 400m. The technology was launched to the market earlier this year.

According to the company’s statement on Monday, the system monitors deflection, heading, pitch, roll, depth and other parameters of subsea structures in real time. This allows informed decisions to be made during critical operations, ensuring specified tolerances and safety requirements are taken into account, Ashtead explained.

The DMS was optimized to the exact pressures and water depths required for the scope of work at Ashtead’s UKAS accredited calibration laboratory before it was launched from a vessel and lowered 400m onto the seafloor.

The company noted that the project was completed on time and allowed the subsea manifolds to be installed within 24 hours of the DMS being deployed. The entire project was controlled remotely via radio frequency and acoustic data links, removing the need for direct ROV or diver support intervention in order to gather attitude measurements.

Ashtead stated it utilized a range of communication and positioning tools to enhance the accuracy of data collected and to ensure maximum performance of the subsea structure once in place.

Allan Pirie, chief executive of Ashtead Technology said: “Whilst subsea structures look robust and are designed to last decades, they can be easily damaged during installation and incorrect orientation can lead to stress on flowlines and jumpers.”

Pirie also added: “Quad 204 represents one of the most significant projects ongoing in the region and we are honored to have been able to support BP with an integrity management solution for such an important field development.”

Quad 204 is a major UKCS redevelopment incorporating the new FPSO Glen Lyon and upgrade of the subsea infrastructure. It will enable the potential recovery of an additional 400 million barrels of resource from the existing Schiehallion and Loyal fields and extend production through to 2035.