Aubin Completes Operational Trial of LiquiBuoy System

Materials technology and engineering specialists Aubin is set to transform subsea lifting after the successful completion of its first operational trial of its LiquiBuoy system.

Serena Arif
Serena Arif

The company conducted rigorous testing of its liquid gel technology at The Underwater Centre in Fort William to prove its capabilities in a number of real-life operational scenarios.

Head of the firm’s subsea division, Serena Arif believes the solution offers a safer and more efficient way of placing, moving and recovering structures on the seabed. She said: “The introduction of gel lifting into subsea operations has given engineers a truly transformational tool to complete projects. Our LiquiBuoy system can provide an answer to a problem when traditional methods fail.

“The trial showed that our invention demonstrates precision which is second to none. It is both environmentally responsible and cost effective and can even be deployed using a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV).

“We hope the success of this trial helps us gain support and acceptance. As an industry we cannot be averse to change. Aberdeen is a hub of ingenuity and collaboration. Our trial is only the beginning. We want the industry to sit up and take notice and hope that interested parties take the opportunity to consider how they can use the technology in their existing and future projects.”

LiquiBuoy is an alternative to traditional buoyancy systems currently on the market, such as syntactic foam. Its liquid form allows it to be delivered accurately onto the seabed using an ROV to control a subsea lift.

“This product will enable subsea operations to be designed entirely differently to the way they are now,” she said.

“One of its most significant benefits is its controllability. The neutral buoyancy it has, in any water depth, will remain constant through the water column from 10 metres to 3,000 metres.”

Aubin focuses strongly on research and development and has invested over £1million in the last four years developing patented products to address subsea challenges.

Ms Arif continued: “Our buoyancy range has the potential to make subsea lifting safer, more controlled and easier than ever before. Aubin is committed to technical innovation and quality and we are confident our systems can transform subsea lifting.”

Press Release, May 27, 2014; Image: Aubin