Australia: Burnett River Dredging Wrapped Up

Burnett River Dredging Wrapped Up

Neumann Contractors have recently completed dredging works in Queensland’s Burnett River near Kirby’s Wall. The job involved deepening the navigational channel and placement of the material behind “Kirby’s Wall”.

Neumann performed the work using their 450mm cutter suction dredger Nu Endeavour coupled to a spreader barge for placement.

The work was required following recent severe flooding, with joint funding provided by the Qld Department of Transport and Main Roads and the Department of Natural Resources and Mines.

The Burnett River was severely impacted by flooding in January 2013. Dredging was required to restore the depth of the river’s navigational channels adjacent to Kirby’s Wall. A total of 65,700 cubic metres of sand and gravel was removed from the channels and placed behind Kirby’s Wall.

Two specific dredge areas were nominated by TMR:

– Dredge Area A, adjacent and upstream of Kirby’s Wall required 36,000m3 of material to be removed;

– Dredge Area B, downstream of Kirby’s Wall with almost 30,000m3.

Both dredge areas were required to be dredge to a maximum depth of 2.3m below LAT. The dredged material was required to be placed behind Kirby’s Wall to fill in the area between the river bank and the rock wall.


Press Release, May 27, 2014