Australia: Icon Spuds Windom 1

Icon Spuds Windom 1

Icon Energy of Australia announced that it has spudded Windom 1 in ATP 626P.

Windom 1 will be drilled over 14 days to a depth of 1200 metres”, said Ray James, Managing Director of Icon.

When Windom 1 is completed the Ensign Rig 960 will move to drill Eolus 1 in ATP626P. These wells are being drilled in conjunction with, Goondi Energy (a wholly owned subsidiary of Stanwell Corporation) as part of the farmin agreement and the Stage 2 work program for 2012.

With the addition of the two wells in ATP626P this brings the total number of wells to be drilled over the next few months to five. This is the first time in our history that Icon Energy has been involved in such a concentrated exploration program across three tenements in two states, Queensland and Victoria”, said Mr James.

LNG World News Staff, May 8, 2012