Australia: Origin Says Condamine River Gas Seepage Naturally Occurring

Origin Says Condamine River Gas Seepage Naturally Occurring

Origin as Upstream Operator of Australia Pacific LNG today noted that gas seepage in parts of the Condamine River is not new – according to local knowledge it goes back at least 30 years and naturally occurring gas has been a phenomenon in the Queensland Western Downs region for more than 100 years.

We are aware of an occurrence of gas seeping to the surface of the Condamine River at a location south west of Chinchilla – a local fishing spot traditionally known as the “coal hole”. In this particular area, the underlying coals which contain natural gas are much closer to the surface than is normally the case.”

“We are confident that the seepage apparent in the Condamine River does not result from our activities,” the company said in a statement.

Origin’s nearest gas well infrastructure comprises four pilot wells one kilometre away from the occurrence. These wells have never been brought into operation, have never produced gas and have never been fracture stimulated.

Checks have been conducted on the wells and they confirm that no gas has been detected in or around the wells and there are no integrity or environmental issues.

Origin will continue with its technical inspections in the area and work with government, the Gasfields Land and Water Commission and the local community on the occurrence,” the company added.


LNG World News Staff, May 30, 2012