Australia’s July LNG exports jump above 5.4 million mt

Australian LNG exports in July reached a record level of 5.4 million tons, 0.5 million tons above the volumes exported in June. 

According to a monthly report by the energy consultancy, EnergyQuest, Australian LNG export projects shipped a total of 81 cargoes in July, compared to 74 cargoes in June.

The increase was attributed to the higher output from Gorgon and North West Shelf LNG export projects and a steady output from the three LNG facilities on Curtis Island in Queensland. Projects on the west coast exported 3.7 million tons compared to 3.2 million tons in June, while Custis Island LNG exports remained flat at 1.7 million tons.

The North West Shelf project exported 23 cargoes totalling 1.5 million tons, closely followed by 21 cargoes shipped by the Gorgon LNG project totalling 1.4 million tons.

On average west coast projects operated at 108 percent of nameplate capacity on an annualised basis but Queensland projects only operated at 81 percent, notwithstanding APLNG averaging 110 percent, the report shows.

Japan, China and Korea continue to be the dominant destinations for Australian exports, comprising 89 percent of deliveries in July, compared to 92 percent in June, EnergyQuest said.

Exports to South Korea increased by almost 300 percent from June to July, with exports to China rising by 59 percent, and exports to Japan edging up 10 percent month-on-month.