Awilco’s rig set to resume its contract, Apache disagrees

Awilco Drilling, a UK based drilling contractor, has informed that the semi-submersible rig WilPhoenix is ready to continue its contract with Apache in the North Sea, but the oil company does not seem to agree with Awilco. 

After the yard stay for the WilPhoenix rig took longer than anticipated leaving the rig berthed at Hartlepool on zero dayrate for a while, Awilco said on Wednesday the yard stay was complete. The rig has 22 months left under its three-year contract with Apache.

Awilco considers the rig to be, in all respects, ready to drill awaiting Apache’s instructions to resume operations, the company added.

The drilling contractor also noted that the total cost for the yard stay and the installation of the new BOP was below the budget of $42.5 million.

In accordance with the contract, Awilco Drilling considers that WilPhoenix is on standby rate from the completion of the yard stay, the company said.

Awilco also stated that Apache North Sea did not agree that the rig was ready to drill nor that Awilco Drilling was entitled to standby rate at this point.

WilPhoenix, built in 1982 and upgraded in 2011, is one of Awilco Drilling’s two enhanced pacesetter semi-submersibles and is equipped for drilling in water depths up to 1,200 ft.

The rig was in continued operations for Apache North Sea until November 17 when it proceeded to the Able Shipyard in Hartlepool to start the five yearly renewal survey, where it remained through the end of the quarter. The SPS and capital work on the WilPhoenix was substantially complete by February 2016, but the final project acceptance delayed the rig’s return to operations.

Offshore Energy Today Staff

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