BASF’s LNG pre-treatment technology receives ExxonMobil qualification

Following discussions and technical evaluation, American oil and gas corporation ExxonMobil has awarded German-based chemical producer BASF with a technology qualification for its Durasorb™ Cryo-HRU technology.

Courtesy of BASF

This means that Durasorb Cryo-HRU is now available to ExxonMobil project managers and process engineers for deployment in ongoing and upcoming projects.

“ExxonMobil was pleased to have the opportunity to evaluate BASF Durasorb Cryo-HRU technology as a key component in the LNG production process. After a thorough evaluation, we consider the technology qualified for use in our operations. ExxonMobil relies on strong collaborations like that with BASF, as well as rapid adoption of new cost-effective technologies such as Durasorb Cryo-HRU, to sustain our competitive advantage,” said Jeff Weidner, Upstream Technology Portfolio Manager, ExxonMobil Technology and Engineering.

Detlef Ruff, Senior Vice President, Process Catalysts at BASF, stated: “BASF is proud to have our technology qualified by ExxonMobil and support their efforts to produce LNG more efficiently and sustainably. With our Durasorb portfolio, we offer an integral solution for the LNG industry based on decades of experience from our natural gas experts, and we are well positioned to implement this solution to benefit our customers around the world.”

Durasorb Cryo-HRU is an LNG pre-treatment technology that removes both heavy hydrocarbons (HHCs, including C8+ and BTEX) and water from natural gas prior to entering the liquefaction section of the plant.

According to BASF, the removal of HHCs and water in a single unit saves capital expenditure and operational costs and prevents freezing in the cold section of the plant.

Cryo-HRU is suitable for new units and retrofits, and BASF said that by increasing efficiencies in the production process, this pre-treatment technology helps to decrease energy consumption and the CO2 footprint of LNG production.

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