BASF, Envision Energy to produce e-methanol from green hydrogen and CO2

US-based catalyst manufacturer BASF has joined forces with Chinese multinational corporation Envision Energy to work on the conversion of green hydrogen and CO2 to e-methanol.

As informed, the collaboration aims to develop the conversion of green hydrogen and CO2 into e-methanol through an advanced, dynamic process design.

Specifically, the two companies want to optimize the process of producing e-methanol from green hydrogen and CO2, paving the way for a more sustainable energy landscape.

This collaboration will see BASF provide its cutting-edge SYNSPIRET catalyst technology, which Envision Energy will integrate with its energy management system. The two organizations plan to demonstrate the viability of the advanced process design next year, at Envision Energy’s Chifeng site in Inner Mongolia, China.

According to BASF, the new catalyst represents a significant breakthrough in sustainable energy solutions. It enables the efficient conversion of green hydrogen and CO2 into e-methanol.

Meanwhile, Envision Energy will design a process package that maximizes the efficiency of the catalyst technology while fully enabling the dynamic conversion of green hydrogen and CO2 into e-methanol, in sync with the onstream time of wind power. Envision Energy will leverage its AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) platforms to optimize the novel, dynamic mode of chemical plant operation. 

Methanol (or e-methanol when produced with renewable energy) is one of the most versatile and clean-burning fuels. Furthermore, e-methanol offers immense potential to replace fossil fuels and their derivatives gasoline and kerosene by providing an alternative source of energy for road, shipping and air transport, as well as other industries.

Not only can e-methanol be used without a change in infrastructure, but its inherent stability also allows it to be stored at room temperature and ambient pressure, giving it an indefinite shelf life, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting a more sustainable energy ecosystem.

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Detlef Ruff, Senior Vice President, process catalysts at BASF, said: “BASF process catalysts looks forward to working with Envision Energy in our shared mission to drive sustainable energy solutions. By combining our innovative catalyst technology with Envision Energy’s deep expertise, we are confident we can unlock the full potential of green hydrogen and CO2 conversion to e-methanol.”

“Driving and delivering sustainable energy solutions can only be achieved through organizations coming together. This collaboration demonstrates our commitment to bringing innovative advances to the sustainable energy value chain, to create sustainable energy solutions that are economically viable and environmentally friendly. For Envision Energy, it is all about optimizing our clients and partners’ environmental sustainability, as we work towards becoming the leading provider of green hydrogen and its derivatives,” Frank Yu, Vice President of Envision Energy added:

BASF and Envision Energy strive to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy sources and contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.