BP working to restore power at Clair platform after outage

British oil major BP is working on restoring power at its North Sea platform following an outage over the weekend.

A BP spokesperson confirmed to Offshore Energy Today that there was a power outage on the Clair platform at approximately 5.45am on Saturday.

This resulted in a partial down man of non-essential staff.

“Power is now being restored and personnel being returned to the platform,” the spokesperson said.

Asked about the cause and the production status, the spokesperson said: “We’re investigating the cause. The platform wasn’t producing at the time. It was offline for maintenance.”

The Clair platform, located 75 kilometers west of Shetland Islands, had caught the media attention in October 2016, when BP was forced to shut production following an oil leak.

The 2016 incident happened as a result of a technical issue with the system designed to separate the mixed production fluids of water, oil and gas. Some 95 tonnes of oil were spilled. The spill dispersed naturally.

Offshore Energy Today Staff