BPO initiates LNG bunkering project

BPO initiates LNG bunkering project

Baltic Ports Organization has decided to initiate another project related to the possible LNG bunkering infrastructure facilities at the ports and possible bunkering vessels in some relevant Baltic Sea Ports and regions.

Several Baltic Sea key regions have been preliminary identified as areas for a possible development of a common small scale LNG bunkering facilities:

  • Turku, Naantali, Pori (FI);
  • Gulf of Finland (FI & EE);
  • Gulf of Riga and Ventspils (LV);
  • Gdansk Bay & Klaipeda (PL& T);
  • Szczecin/Świnoujście (PL);
  • Rostock & Lübeck (DE);
  • Aarhus, Helsingborg, Trelleborg & Copenhagen-Malmö, (SE& DK).

New LNG initiative in itself should consist of several main activities and they, in turn, include some specific sub-activities. The activities should encompass planning, design, location and LNG bunkering of the participating partners in a harmonised manner.

This approach will avoid particular partners developing a new technology individually and initiate a forum for sharing knowledge of best-practice and ‘know-how’.

Activities and sub-activities planned in the “LNG Bunkering Barges in Baltic Sea” project are:

Project coordination

This activity will secure the professional and timely management of the action as well as the spreading and sharing of knowledge gained in the project. Baltic Ports Organization (BPO) in partnership with the project’s coordinator can be responsible for the project’s coordination.

Project Partners and possible studies

The activities could comprise:

  • location and technical studies of LNG infrastructure or liquefaction station at the ports;
  • LNG bunkering ship, type of bunkering to the barge, planning and design of the vessel;
  • Permit and environmental impact studies;
  • LNG receiving Ports or vessels- manipulation and manual studies.

In general the scope of the studies will differ to a certain extent from port to port due to different stages in the safety and planning processes.

Harmonisation and LNG know-how transfer

Within the framework of this activity, the synchronisation process will be secured among the pre-investment studies prepared between the different partners and the process of transferring LNG experience and findings will be launched. In addition, Baltic Ports Organization will secure knowledge sharing and cohesion between the existing LNG projects and the new initiative, to make sure that the Actions are based on common outcomes, best practices and recommendations.

The Global Project implementation will allow first-moving LNG shipping companies such as Viking Line, amongst others, to find bunkering possibilities in a network of ports around the Baltic Sea.

Benefits of the result of the action can be drawn, not only for the seaports themselves, but for all seaports in the Baltic Sea and EU. In addition, other ports in Europe and relevant stakeholders engaged in LNG development will be addressed.


Press Release, September 24, 2014; Image: BPO

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