Brazil: Petrobras Strikes Oil in Santos Basin

Brazil’s state controlled oil company, Petrobras, announces that the second well drilled after the signing of the Transfer of Rights Agreement with the ANP confirmed the discovery of good quality oil in the area called the Northeast Tupi, pre-salt Santos Basin.

Petrobras said that the oil colum discovered was 290 meters thick.

The well, called 1-BRSA-976-RJS (1-RJS-691) is located northeast of Lula field, in water depths of 2,131 meters, some of 255 km from Rio de Janeiro. The discovery was confirmed by good quality oil samples (26º API) obtained by cable tests collected from 4,960 meters.

The first well drilled after the execution of the Transfer of Rights Agreement was completed in February. The well know as 3-BRSA-944-RJS (3-RJS-688A), or Franco NW is located at a water depth of 1,860 meters, and 188 km off the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Offshore Energy Today Staff, March 9, 2012