BW Energy sees delay in Gabon well hook-up

BW Energy has experienced a delay in hook-up operations for a well in the Dussafu Marin Permit, offshore Gabon, due to the coronavirus crisis.

There are five oil fields within the Dussafu Permit: Moubenga, Walt Whitman, Ruche, Ruche North East, and Tortue.

Two months after the production start-up at the Tortue Phase 1, BW in November 2018 sanctioned the second phase of its Tortue development.

Phase 2 development activities started in 2019 and continued into 2020. This phase consists of four production wells, tied back to the FPSO BW Adolo.

The DTM-4H and DTM-5H were the first of two clusters. The second cluster was scheduled to begin production by June 2020.

Covid-19 restrictions

However, Panoro, a partner in the project, informed on Monday that the hook-up was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Panoro said that the production in Gabon for 2020 is now expected to average 15,000-16,500 bopd (gross), with the 10 per cent reduction in range due to the uncertain timing of hooking up the completed DTM-6 well.

The well was expected to be connected in June but, given the COVID-19 restrictions, the timing of this activity is estimated to occur later this year.

The Tortue development will upon completion of Phase 2 have six wells. Total production after the completion of Phase 2 is projected to be 17.3 – 21.6 kbopd gross for 2020 from six producing wells, compared with an average of 11.8 kbopd gross produced in 2019.

Current production is approximately 17,500 bopd (gross), with operating costs decreased from 2019 levels to $16-18 per barrel.

Panoro also said that lifting was completed in March for the account of Panoro, BW, and Tullow, followed by lifting in April on behalf of the State of Gabon.