Canadian LNG Projects at Critical Development Stage as B.C. Govt Pushes to International Investors

Canadian LNG Projects at Critical Development Stage as B.C. Govt Pushes to International Investors

Canadian liquefied natural gas export proposals are at a critical stage of development, with British Columbia premier Christy Clark recently meeting a consortium of Chinese energy leaders to discuss major investment opportunities. Her Beijing appearance is part of a 120-company trade mission she is leading to China, Japan and South Korea between November 21st and December 3rd, where she hopes to attract new investment into the opportunities presented by Canadian LNG exports plans.

The opportunities for west coast exports of LNG are critical to Canada’s economic prosperity and the issues were recently addressed at a national level during the first-ever ‘Canada LNG Export Forum‘, held in September 2013 in Calgary. During this forum, international and national oil & gas operators, investors, stakeholders, aboriginal leaders and engineering contractors all converged to dissect and debate the core issues of Canada’s new export potential.

Following consultation with state governments and major investors in LNG projects, the 2014 follow up will look to discuss the latest commercial and technical opportunities and challenges, with specific focus on the promotion of LNG export projects and in establishing the most robust strategic partnerships.

The organisers of the second annual ‘Canada LNG Export Forum‘ – which will include both a major international conference and exhibition – have now announced that it will take place between 16th and 18thSeptember 2014, at the Telus Convention Center, in Calgary.

Damian Howard, the commercial strategy director for the event, remarks: “Never has there been a more timely opportunity for the global commercial and technical LNG communities to come together at one of the world’s largest energy hubs to forge partnerships and do business. With potentially two or three Canadian LNG export projects at final investment decision (FID) stage come September 2014, there is a tremendous buzz right now with project proponents and governments pushing ahead to get projects underway.”

Mr Howard went on to state: “The addition of an exhibition in 2014 will enable the service industry to engage with the technical community who will be working directly on these projects, and also provide a strategic opportunity to meet face-to-face with the main decision makers who are looking to bring the proposed projects to fruition and bring Canada to the fore as one of the world’s leading LNG suppliers.”

LNG World News Staff, December 05, 2013