CARIS Adds New Sound Velocity to HIPS and SIPS

CARIS™ has introduced a new sound velocity correction algorithm to HIPS and SIPS™.

The new algorithm was based on research from the Ocean Mapping Group of the University of New Brunswick, Canada and now accounts for the separation between transmit and receive arrays when performing ray-tracing, CARIS said.

By defining the location of the separate arrays a more robust estimate of the path of each beam to the seafloor and back can be made, taking into account the physical separation between the arrays and the movement of the vessel through the water between transmit and receive.

“Implementing this algorithm is a very important step for CARIS,” said Burns Foster, HIPS and SIPS Product Manager, “With an increase in the use of multi sector sonars a more sophisticated method of ray-tracing was needed and this excellent research from the Ocean mapping Group was just what we were looking for.”