Carnegie to retrieve first CETO 5 Unit for inspection

Carnegie Wave plans to retrieve CETO 5 Unit 1 for a complete strip down, inspection and overhaul, after one month of all three units operating as an array.

The three CETO 5 units have now accumulated more than 7.500 continuous operating hours, with the full array of three CETO 5 units operating for over 1.000 hours.

Following the connection to the grid in February, the initial period of grid commissioning, data collection and analysis has been completed and provided to the grid owner Western Power.

Carnegie has previously planned to retrieve the first CETO 5 unit at the same time as the deployment of the third, but the company decided to allow all three units to operate as an array for a period of 30 days.

This period has now been reached, and preparations have commenced for the retrieval of the first CETO 5 Unit and Pod 1, planned to take place in the coming weeks, subject to suitable weather conditions.

The planned maintenance activities include the removal of biofouling, inspection of seals in the CETO pump, inspection of bearings in the load path components and repair of some failed instrumentation, while at the same time verifying the retrieval methods.

Carnegie has equipped the CETO units and the balance of plant with approximately 500 sensors that gather performance data such as pressure, flow, displacement, power, load, and position which is recorded and transmitted in order to effectively assess the performance of the CETO units, Carnegie Wave’s press release reads.

According to Carnegie, CETO Unit and system performance is in line with the expectations, with the 40 kW measured output which aligns with the forecast by Carnegie’s computational models and provides early confirmation of the CETO 5 Unit’s power output.

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Image: Carnegie Wave