CEAA invites comments on Woodfibre LNG project

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA) invited public comments on an analysis of the anticipated greenhouse gas emissions associated with the proposed Woodfibre LNG project.

The review released on Tuesday analyses the upstream emissions associated with the Woodfibre LNG project, including emissions associated with the Eagle Mountain – Woodfibre gas pipeline project proposed by FortisBC, and emissions associated with the natural gas supply for the Woodfibre project.

The proposed Woodfibre LNG project near Squamish, British Columbia is a relatively small project that will produce 2.1 megatonnes (Mt) of LNG per year, using grid-generated electricity for the liquefaction process. The proponent has estimated GHG emissions in the Environmental Impact Statement for the project of 129 kilotonnes or 0.129 Mt per year of CO2e,” the agency said in the review.

The LNG project is estimated to have a direct GHG emission intensity of 0.054 t CO2e/t LNG. The emissions from Woodfibre LNG project are not projected to vary over time, so over a 25-year lifetime the project’s direct GHG emissions would be 3.2 Mt of CO2e, according to the review.

The analysis was performed in the context of the recently announced interim approach and principles for environmental assessments, which states that direct and upstream greenhouse gas emissions linked to projects under review will be assessed, the agency said.

The public comment period on the agency’s assessment is open until March. 1.

Woodfibre LNG is awaiting federal decision after receiving conditional provincial and Squamish Nation approvals in 2015. The project must meet all provincial and federal requirements to manage potential effects associated with it.

The Woodfibre LNG project comprises construction and operation of a gas processing and liquefaction facility to produce approximately 2.1 million tonnes per annum of LNG, associated storage capacity of 250,000 m3, and export infrastructure.


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