Photo: Map showing the location of CGG’s Agata Reimaging Program offshore Brazil (Courtesy of CGG)

CGG delivers Agata block reimaging data ahead of Brazil’s bidding round

French seismic player CGG has delivered seismic data from its Agata Reimaging program, covering over 9,300 square kilometre area of the Agata block in the Santos Basin, a highly prolific area of Brazil’s offshore pre-salt.

Map showing the location of CGG’s Agata Reimaging Program offshore Brazil (Courtesy of CGG)
Map showing the location of CGG’s Agata Reimaging Program offshore Brazil (Courtesy of CGG)

The reimaged seismic data set will provide valuable information to oil and gas companies wishing to evaluate acreage and assess the potential of the Agata block, prior to Brazil’s upcoming seventh Production Sharing Bidding Round.

The Agata prospect is composed of ultra-deep pre-salt targets located below a highly deformed salt layer.

CGG’s Agata Reimaging program is designed to improve the base of salt continuity, lateral coherence and overall resolution to deliver superior images that minimize risk and provide a better understanding of the exploratory potential in this new frontier area, the company said.

The Agata program reimages CGG’s legacy Santos VII broadband multi-client data set with the very latest proprietary processing technologies.

These include inter-bed multiple attenuation and Time-Lag FWI, that were not available at the time of the legacy imaging and can better address the complexities of the area, according to CGG.

The integrated project team also includes geologists who are providing expertise for salt scenario testing and detailed interpretation. 

Dechun Lin, EVP of Multi Client at CGG, said: “The prospective Agata block lies in the vicinity of other high-profile blocks that received recent bids for exploration. The full project team, including our subsurface imaging experts in CGG’s Rio Subsurface Imaging Center, are mobilized to deliver these valuable new Agata products.

“The deliverables, which feature our industry-leading imaging technologies, will ensure that the best images are available to support industry decision-making in the run-up to Brazil’s seventh Bidding Round”.

Fast-track products are now available and final migrations, including a TTI Kirchhoff and 45Hz RTM, are underway.

The final migrations are being processed in two phases. Phase I will be available in May, providing approximately 2,373 square kilometers of data directly over the Agata block in preparation for Round 7. 

Phase II will incorporate the remaining 7,007 sq km of the project area with final migrations for the full program expected in August 2021, CGG said.