Cheniere’s Sabine Pass LNG export project progresses (Gallery)

Houston-based LNG player Cheniere reported on the Sabine Pass liquefaction stage 1 and stage 2 project work that occurred during the month of April. 

Stage 1 engineering and procurement are 100% complete. Subcontract and direct hire construction work are 68.3% and 77.7% complete, respectively. Stage 1 overall project completion is 89% against the plan of 89.8%, the company informed in its report.

Cheniere added that stage 2 engineering is 99.8% complete. Procurement is 93.1% complete while subcontract and direct hire construction work are 39.6% and 26.9% complete, respectively. Overall project completion for Stage 2 is 65.3% against the plan of 67.2%.

During April, Train 1 completed the lube oil flush of the methane compressor, completed the restoration of the propane compressor, and began the lube oil flush of the ethylene compressor. Construction in Train 1 completed the ventilation duct and filter house work. The first two dry gas seals were installed on the ethylene compressor with preparation to set the gas turbine in early May.

Train 2 set the first two filter houses, and construction began on both of the methane filter houses. Train 2 also continued pipe installation and pipe testing for all available areas. Train 2 continued to focus on pulling power and control cable and terminations to substations to support upcoming energization. In OSBL, installation of common rack pipe followed by pipe testing and restoration are ongoing with a target to complete by end of May. OSBL pipe insulation work is also ongoing. The OSBL pre-commissioning work (air blows, motor runs) including loop checks has begun.

Construction in Train 3 continued with aboveground pipe installation in all available areas with a continued focus on the cryo pipe rack, and refrigeration compressor areas. Over the month of April, Train 3 also completed their heavy lift program. Structural steel erection continues on the Train 3 table top and the cryo pipe rack. The Train 3 propane condenser substation was also set this month, Cheniere said.

In Train 4, above ground piping installation continued under the compressor table top, propane condenser pipe rack, and cryo pipe rack. Installation of Train 4 propane condenser fin fans is complete. The Train 4 heavy lift program is underway with the hot oil drum, propane accumulator, and acid gas removal unit (AGRU) fin fans set during the past month. In the OSBL, various mechanical equipment installation continues. Prefabrication of the Stage 2 flare is complete.

Actual project progress continues to support the achievement of the scheduled completion dates for Trains 1 and 2, which remain as February 2016 and June 2016, respectively. Trains 3 and 4 completion dates are April 2017 and August 2017, Cheniere concluded.

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LNG World News Staff; Images: Cheniere

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