Clinton to Survey Natura 2000 Area in Skagerrak

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Clinton Marine Survey and AquaBiota are set to begin the survey of the Natura 2000-area called ‘Bratten’ in Skagerrak.

The survey was commissioned by Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management (SwAM), and will include habitat mapping in Bratten. The area is located in the central of Skagerrak between Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

The collected multibeam and back scatter data will be used to identify benthic biotopes and to develop cost effective solutions for habitat mapping in a systematic way, Clinton wrote.

Clinton will use its three vessels MV Lode, MV Nils and MV Northern Wind.

The vessels Lode and Nils will be used in shallow areas in the Baltic and Skagerrak whilst the vessel Northern Wind will be operating in deeper areas from 100 meter up to 600 meters.

Clinton CEO, Martin Wikmar said:

“It’s really interesting and important to be part of the development of new methods that can help us interpreting benthic biotopes in a more cost effective way. With this project we also continue to position us on the market as a survey company with high focus on competence and cost effective solutions that will drive us forward to our long term goal and being the preferred contractor for high quality surveys according to IHO standards for Hydrographic Surveys (S-44).”

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