Coastal GasLink finishes the year with construction milestones

TC Energy-led Coastal GasLink has set a strong foundation for the next and final year of construction, with the project achieving more than 80% its completion.

Coastal GasLink
Courtesy of Coastal GasLink

The Coastal GasLink team said that among many achievements, the most notable ones include the 100% pipe installation in Sections 1 and 4, the completion of the Wilde Lake compressor station, and the commencement of pipe installation at Cable Crane Hill which has reached 45% pipe installation ahead of schedule.

In addition, they have completed 9 out of 10 major watercourse crossings.

To date, the team said they have installed nearly 490 km of pipe across the 670-km route, and steady progress is made each day.

The Coastal GasLink Pipeline is expected to transport natural gas to the approved LNG Canada facility near Kitimat, British Colombia, Canada.

The project’s team said the pipeline route was determined by considering Indigenous, landowner and stakeholder input, the environment, archaeological and cultural values, land use compatibility, safety, constructability, and economics.

The laying of the pipeline started in the summer of 2020.

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