UPDATE: Concordia Lifted for Another Meter

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Concordia Lifted for Another Meter

With the lowering of the starboard sponson S12, yesterday evening, the Concordia has emerged for an additional meter reaching an average refloating of 4 meters, the salvage team informed earlier today.

Divers have worked all night to complete the connection of the chain related to sponson S18.

At the moment, the Remote Operation Center team is lowering this sponson in its final position.

In the next hours, operations will continue to lower the other starboard sponsons and then the pontoons will move to the bow area to connect the last chain related to sponson S4. Chains Still Not Attached

With these operations the wreck will emerge even more.

The weather and sea conditions, especially strong winds, over the last couple of days and the complexity of the operations, have impacted the overall time schedule with some delays.

Technicians are still aiming at a departure on Monday July 21st but are also looking at Tuesday 22nd as an alternative possibility.


Press Release, July 18th, 2014

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