Concordia Removal: One More Sponson to Go

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One More Sponson to Go

The port side sponson P2 has been lifted off via Conquest crane and is now being submerged at the Concordia wreck, the Parbuckling Project Team informed yesterday.


The team projected that it will take a few hours to connect the sposon to the wreck.

One More Sponson to Go1

Following this installation, technicians will progress with the last of the 30 sponsons, P1.

In the refloating phase, sponsons will be gradually emptied of ballast water through compressed air systems, allowing the wreck to refloat. Refloating of the wreck is expected in two weeks.

Once it is afloat, the wreck will travel a distance of about 190 nautical miles at an average speed of 2 knots, taking an estimated 4 days.

The Italian Government has approved the transportation of the Concordia wreck to Genoa for dismantling and recycling.

Press Release, July 2, 2014

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