CorPower to showcase S3 wave energy converter

CorPower Ocean will hold a launch event later this month in Stockholm where its latest generation resonant S3 wave energy converter will be unveiled.

The Swedish wave energy developer said the occasion presents an opportunity to see the device operating in simulated waves using a 500kW Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) test rig in Stockholm, before it is shipped out for ocean installation in Orkney, Scotland.

The program for the event, scheduled for June 21, 2017, will begin with a technical seminar hosting international experts who will give an update on key challenges, development methodology and ongoing efforts to unlock the world’s largest untapped renewable energy source – ocean waves.

It will continue with the unveiling of the S3 device, which in April 2017 delivered first power to the Swedish grid during dry testing on the HIL rig.

CorPower wave energy converter’s design was inspired by the pumping principles of human heart.

The device uses a power take-off (PTO) system that combines the high load capabilities from hydraulics with the efficiency of mechanical drive to produce power.

Its buoys oscillate in resonance with incoming waves, and by using phase control technology which amplifies the motion of the waves, the device increases power capture, according to CorPower Ocean.

The ocean demonstration of the S3 device is set to take place in fall 2017 at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC).