Cyprus: Sustainability key pillar of long-term strategic vision for shipping

Following a nine-month public consultation, Cyprus Shipping Deputy Ministry (SDM) has launched SEA Change 2030, a long-term strategic vision for Cyprus shipping.

Vassilios Demetriades, Cyprus Shipping Deputy Minister; Courtesy of Cyprus Shipping Deputy Ministry

As explained, the new long-term strategy will create the conditions for the country’s shipping to become more resilient and sustainable. 

SEA Change 2030 is the outcome of a collaborative process, with input from internal, local and international stakeholders.

Specifically, it contains 35 individual actions to deliver sustainable progress for shipping categorized under three main pillars: 

  • Sustainable
  • Extrovert
  • Adaptable.

A new unit has been created within the SDM to implement these initiatives, according to the ministry.

On launching the strategy, Vassilios Demetriades, Cyprus Shipping Deputy Minister, said:

“Today (12 October) marks an important landmark for Cyprus shipping. The launch of our SEA Change 2030 strategy sets out our vision for a more sustainable future, supported by 35 tangible actions to realize that vision.”

Vassilios Demetriades, Cyprus Shipping Deputy Minister; Courtesy of Cyprus Shipping Deputy Ministry

“Our aim is to set a course towards ongoing, sustainable, positive change. This strategy is focused on actions that will make Cyprus shipping even more safe and secure, as well as more sustainable, extrovert, and digital. While we are starting at a local level, we believe that this approach is adjustable and scalable both regionally and internationally. We want to lead by example and change the mindset towards ongoing, sustainable and positive change.”


Described as the most pivotal pillar of the vision, the majority of actions are focused on sustainability, Cyprus Shipping Deputy Ministry said.

The series of initiatives are designed to foster a proactive culture of quality on Cyprus flagged ships, to provide a responsive, fast and efficient customer-orientated service, to create a “curiosity” culture for shipping, and to create a culture for seafaring, maritime and blue professions.


By launching initiatives that seek ongoing consultation with individuals, the industry, regulators and other states, Cyprus will invite more of the industry into the conversation, fostering an environment that enables informed decision-making.


Cyprus SDM will adapt its policies, orientation, interests, organizational structure and working processes to align with the outcome of the consultation campaign. These new initiatives will allow the ministry to make crucial changes to elements of its operations, to the maximum benefit of the Cyprus-flagged fleet, as well as the greater global shipping industry.

The strategy is the culmination of an extensive public consultation campaign, which gathered views on important issues across four key areas; environmental sustainability, digital transformation, global challenges (seafarer welfare, piracy), and local/regional issues. Feedback was collated through a dedicated online portal, as well as via interviews with key maritime stakeholders.

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