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PHOTOS: Dealfeng progressing with installation of its rotor sails

Dealfeng New Energy Technology, a Chinese technical-based company integrating R&D and manufacturing of wind auxiliary propulsion rotor sail systems, has completed the installation of its rotor sails on a 5,000-ton class product oil tanker.

Image credit Dealfeng Technology

The company said that the installation of its set of 4m x 16m rotor sails follows a partnership formed in October 2022 with compatriot freight forwarding company Haiyue. The vessel, Hai Yung Shi You, is scheduled for delivery in early 2024.

The delivery of the rotor sails took three months following the approval of drawings by the classification society.                                         

Dealfeng’s rotor sail is made of lightweight and strong composite material, and it features a fully automatic control system. The sails generate forward thrust as the wind causes pressure differences around the rotating rotor while a vessel is sailing. When using this technology, a vessel is expected to achieve a reduction of around 8% fuel and GHG emissions, resulting in the possibility of lowering the power and energy consumption of a vessel’s main engine when wind conditions are favorable, saving fuel and maintaining speed and travel time.

Additionally, following the signing of a retrofitting contract with Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd. (COOEC), Dealfeng has installed two sets of 18m x 4m rotor sails on a 25,000 DWT deck carrier classed by China Classification Society (CCS). The vessel will be delivered on December 20, 2023, and is expected to achieve fuel savings of around 10%, according to the company.                                            

“Dealfeng will continue to work towards both the energy-saving innovative technologies and the reduction of GHG emissions, helping domestic and international ocean vessels to meet the efficiency and emission-reducing policy requirements of EEDI, EEXI, CII and EU ETS. The technology will also facilitate the maritime industry to reach carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, achieving green & sustainable development,” the company said.

Dealfeng has developed Flettner rotor sails that are 1M×3M on the 100T test ship and 4M×24M on the ground. The company said that its rotor sails can reduce 10%-20% fuel and CO2 emissions for ships under different wind conditions. This year, Dealfeng plans to install 24 24-meter ×4 meters Flettner rotor sails on a bulk carrier.