DeepSea Power & Light Introduces New Products at Ocean Business 2013, UK

DeepSea Power & Light Introduces New Products at Ocean Business 2013, UK

DeepSea Power & Light releases several new product designs for display at the Ocean Business 2013 exhibition: the DVS-300 Diver Video System, Dual O-Ring Pressure Relief Valve, the SeaLite® Sphere with universal driver, and a High-Current SeaBattery®.

The DVS-300 Diver Video System is a one-of-a-kind compact, ultra-lightweight video system that records to a USB flash drive. At the heart of the DVS-300 is the CCU-10 Camera Control Unit, which offers a 12.1” display in a package that weighs only 12 lbs. The DVS-300 gives divers a simple and convenient way to record audio, video, and still images; while running on either AC or two hot-swappable 18V rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The unit includes two dimmable LED lights, one camera, 100 m durable diver cable, and a USB flash drive.

DeepSea Power & Light products have earned a reputation for reliability in the most challenging environments and the latest pressure relief valve (PRV) is an excellent example. This adjustable PRV incorporates dual O-rings for maximum protection against leakage. The new PRV has the standard SAE J1926-1 Straight Thread O-Ring port in addition to the existing standard 7/16-20 threaded holes. The base of the new Dual O-ring Pressure Relief Valve is equipped with hexagonal sides for easy installation with a standard wrench and the valve stem incorporates a hex socket for adjustment without the need of a special spanner tool. The head of the valve stem can be flat or curved with a finger slot for manual operation/venting.

The popular SeaLite Sphere is now available with a universal driver which allows operation in input voltage ranges of 90-250V AC (50/60Hz) and 80-350V DC. The SeaLite Sphere family of lights continues to combine the latest LED technologies with cutting edge engineering innovations and is the prefect replacement for Halogen Lights. John Sanderson, Director of Product Development at DeepSea Power & Light, states, “The SeaLite Sphere light is five times as bright as a comparable Halogen light, while consuming 80% less power and lasting about 60 times longer”.

The High-Current SeaBattery takes the already versatile SeaBattery to the next level by allowing users to draw 100 amps. The power module is a pressure-compensated submersible battery pack designed to perform at any depth, even the high pressure, low temperature environment of deep ocean trenches. Routine deployments to 6,000 meters as part of sea-floor instruments and towed camera sleds have proven the SeaBattery power module to be both reliable and robust in the most demanding of subsea applications.

Press Release, March 20, 2013