Photo: Courtesy of DEME

DEME’s Living Stone bunkered with LNG for the first time

DEME’s dual-fuel cable installation vessel Living Stone completed its first ship-to-ship LNG bunkering prior to heading out to sea trials.

DEME's Living Stone bunkered with LNG
Courtesy of DEME

The operation was completed by one of Titan LNG’s FlexFueler bunkering barges in Vlissingen, Netherlands.

After this maiden operation, the vessel successfully completed its LNG sea trials.

This is done as a part of the dredging, environmental, and marine engineering group DEME’s climate-neutral by 2050 ambitions. The company is heavily investing in the integration of climate-proof technology and energy-saving features in its vessels and equipment.

CLV Living Stone is a multi-purpose vessel for servicing the offshore energy market.