Director resigns from Saipem’s Board

Saipem, Italy’s offshore oilfield services provider, announces that Fabrizio Barbieri has resigned from his position as a director of Saipem’s Board.

Director resigns from Saipem's Board.

Fabrizio Barbieri, a non-executive and non-independent Board member, was not part of any internal committee, and was drawn from the list of candidates presented by the Eni at the Shareholders’ Meeting on 6 May 2014.

“Saipem would like to thank Fabrizio Barbieri for the significant contribution he has made to the activities of both the Board and the Company,” Saipem said in a statement.

Fabrizio Barbieri

Born in Parma in 1959, after earning his law degree he was hired by Saipem in 1985, beginning his career in personnel management, training and selection.
In 1991 he was responsible for the processes of managing and developing managerial resources and, in 1995, of organizational development, subsequently extending his responsibilities to include personnel management, organization and industrial relations.

In 2001 he took on the position of Director of Human Resources, Organization and Information Systems at Snamprogetti, which he held until January 2006.Fabrizio Barbieri

In February 2006 he was appointed Senior Vice President of Human Resources of eni’s r&m division, a role he held until April 2009. During that time he oversaw the reorganization of the entire division, both in Italy and abroad.

In May 2009 he joined Snam Rete Gas as Director of Personnel and Organization, managing the organizational and managerial integration processes connected to the acquisition of Italgas and Stogit. In January 2010, following the reorganization of the group, he was appointed Director of Corporate Systems, Human Resources and Services. His responsibilities also covered the coordination of IT systems, HSE, Quality and Security management systems as well as general services and real estate activities.

In April 2012 he was appointed Executive Vice President Human Resources and Organization Department of eni.

He has served as director on the Boards of Directors of: AgipRete, AgipFuel, Eni Corporate University, Sieco, EniData, Snamprogetti Sud, Snamprogetti Ltd. (UK), Aquater, Stogit, GNL Italia, Snam Trasporto and Syndial.

He is currently Chairman of eniservizi and Board Director at Servizi Aerei.

From April 2013, he was a  member of the Board of Directors of Saipem S.p.A.



Press Release, August 08, 2014


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